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  • What does endermologie body treatment work for?
    Endermologie body treatment tagets fat, smooth cellulite, tone the skin, lighten legs, and it also used for well-being (unparalleled efficiency and relaxation). Learn more
  • How many treatments are necessary for visible results?
    Although it is depending on client's skin condition and volume of fat tissue, visible results can be seen after the 3rd session. Check data for effectiveness!
  • How long does each treatment take, and how many treatments are necessary for effectiveness?"
    Endermologie lipomassage usually takes less than one hour. Although the results are usually noticeable with more treatments, people begin to see results after the sixth treatment while some people notice the effect sooner.
  • What is endermologie lipomassage?
    Endermologie lipomassage, a procedure created by LPG is to aid in liposuction recovery and body contouring. This type of massage does not involve an invasive procedure (e.g., no cutting, needles, etc), and pain, so can be considered as more moderate alternative for liposuction.
  • How effective is endermologie lipomassage?
    Just as other endermologie treatments, endermologie lipomassage is effective to increases blood flow/circulation, relieve puffiness and provide a more streamlined appearance (decreasing appearances of cellulite in areas of excess fat).
  • Is lipomassage good for post-liposuction?
    Yes, definitely. Endermologie lipomassage is good not only for people who want to reduce body fat, but also for people who had liposuction surgecy for recovery process to aid in fluid drainage and smoothing out lumpy fat cells.
  • How does endermologie cellulite treatment work?
    Cellulite treatments which is one of the first endermologie treatment approved by the FDA, smooth fat cells and provide the slimming appearance for cellulite reduction.
  • Does endermologie treatment involve pain?
    No, endermologie treatment is noninvasive and does not involve pain. The treatment can be used to relileve pain and work for fluid retention/swelling.
  • Is endermologie treatment safe?
    Yes, endermologie massage treatments are noninvasive without pain, heart, or recovery. The treatments are FDA-approved procedures.
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