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To ensure that your preferred treatment is available, we invite you to schedule your appointments well in advance. Spontaneous booking are always welcome, and will be accommodated based on availability. All reservations must be secured with a major credit card, telephone number.

Right to Refuse Service

We have right to refuse service as following;

- A Customer Threatens or verbally abuses employee and other customer

- Our business is closed, and customer wants to service.

- A customer is causing a scene by yelling, swearing, making a mess or are clearly intoxicated.

- A Customer breaks the rules of the establishment, which are within local, state and federal statutes. 

Late Arrival / Cancellation

24 hours of notice is required for a changes or cancellations otherwise 50% of the total treatment price will be charged. Arriving late for services may require us to shorten the length of your treatment, with full charges applied.

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