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Weight Loss Program

Our trained health coach works with you at every step of your journey. You will receive personalized coaching and support from our expert.


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EndermoCosmos  Signature 30days  up to 30lb loss Program    

Combination of Special Lymphatic massage, Drainage, Diet program, Natural Weight Loss Supplement, etc..   It is possible for you to loss effectively, safe and healthier. 

Many women believe that if life was fair, their appetites would shrink along with their dress size does while dieting. But human bodies, which evolved to survive in lean times, were designed to keep weight on, not off. Age, genetics, hormones and lifestyles all affect both weight gain and weight loss.

Healthy dieting and exercise will help reduce weight and tone muscles, but neither can solve the problems of cellulite and skin apperance. One of the many questions put to endermologie® therapists are asked is whether or not the treatments will help in their efforts to reduce weight. The final answer is no.

A series of endermologie® treatments will not reduce weight but they can definitely complement a weight loss program as the treatment targets specific areas resistant to diet and exercise.

Dieting alone has several drawbacks:

  • If you eat less, you will lose weight where it’s easiest to lose it, such as the face, breasts and upper body. However, along with the weight loss, wrinkles and fine lines may become accentuated due to the loss of fat, and breasts may begin to droop and slacken.

  • With extensive calorie and protein restriction and without including a good program of regular exercise, the body begins to call on muscles for energy, which naturally causes a loss of muscle tone.

  • Conversely, if you abruptly resume eating a large amount of calories without exercising, you will replace the lost muscle with fat. If, like many women, your problem areas tend to be most apparent in your lower body, eating healthy, well-balanced meals, combined with an active lifestyle and a program of endermologie® treatments will enable you to precisely target and treat problem areas.

While most women agree that cellulite is irritating and distasteful, its appearance can be temporarily eased by the non-invasive procedures endermologie® treatments offer. The application of the patented Mecano-Stimulation™ massage technique using the latest technological equipment – combined with an overall healthy lifestyle – can provide the non-painful success everyone seeks without the risks of pain, infection, and recovery time associated with invasive surgical procedures.

All of the equipment and treatment protocols used in endermologie® have been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which categorizes, clears, approves or denies the use of all health-based equipment and treatments. So go ahead, hit that diet and the exercise machines – and don’t forget the relaxing endermologie® treatments.

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