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Why Doctors Recommend endermologie® Treatments Post Liposuction, May 17, 2016 


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Many women erroneously believe that liposuction eliminates cellulite along with the fat in

targeted areas, but along with being a risky, invasive surgical procedure, liposuction can

actually aggravate the appearance of cellulite.

While liposuction procedures remove deep, localized fat from whatever areas of the body a patient wants re-contoured, it does nothing to remove or alter the appearance of cellulite, which lays in the subcutaneous layer of fat close to the skin’s surface.

More and more plastic surgeons are finding that endermologie® treatments are an effective post-surgical method of optimizing their patients’ surgical results.



There are limits to the volume of fat that can safely be removed from the body. Even when the most exacting safety measures are followed, removing fat can result in loose skin. Even if additional surgery isn’t needed to remove excess skin, any resulting loose skin will cause cellulite to become far more visible.

Because endermologie is non-invasive and involves the use of specialized equipment using the unique Mécano-Stimulation™ technique, it helps reduce swollen tissue and the appearance of cellulite. These soothing treatments also help reduce lymphedema, speed up recovery time and can help bring a healthy glow to the skin, further enhancing the liposuction results.




Plastic surgeons and physicians often recommend endermologie treatments in conjunction with liposuction surgery in order to minimize post op pain and stiffness and improve fluids mobilization.

endermologie® treatments aid in speeding the resolution of edema, reducing variability of the early contours, and improving localized skin tone.*

Are the results permanent? If the factors causing the initial cellulite condition are not changed, the appearance of the skin will return to the state it was in before the endermologie treatments began and despite the liposuction surgery. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, good hydration and a continued program of maintenance treatments are recommended.

While every patient’s post-surgical needs are unique, endermologie treatments often begin several weeks following the surgical procedure. However, it may be months before endermologie treatments can begin in patients that had fat transferred to another area during the liposuction procedure.

* Use of the LPG Technique in post liposuction procedures (Pr B. Kinney, M.D., University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA) 15th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

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